Art helps!

From Artists For artists from Germany and indonesia

Each of the selected artists will provide an artwork available on our digital gallery at a one-time special price of € 400. As soon as an artwork is sold, a new artist takes its place.

  • 50 % of the proceeds of the artworks from Upper Bavaria go to the artists from Upper Bavaria. The other 50 % will go to sustainable development programmes of chanceforchange e.V.
  • 75% of the proceeds from the Balinese art sales will go to the Balinese artists who have been particularly affected by the economic consequences of the pandemic. The other 25% will be used for sustainable development projects by chanceforchange e.V.
  • As soon as a work of art is sold, a new artist takes its place. Please scroll down to see all participating artworks

Traditional Balinese Painting

80 x 66 cm


 Handstitched Sea of Blossoms

100 x 70 cm


LED Light "Tyche"

purple/ gold



Pray for the lovers

100 x 100 cm



 Sculpture by Marie Pierre Weinhold

33 x 35 x 32 cm


Little Miss Anahata (or Embracing Love)

30 x 30 cm

Nusantara Flag Project

42 x 60 cm



80 x 120 cm



40 x 30 cm

A mother's love

65 x 41 cm

 A dream in a Pandemic time

50 x 70 cm

 Looking for food 

56  x 32 cm

Garten in der Nacht

48 x 34 cm


60 x 50 cm

Blüten im Wasser

80 x 60 cm

 The Duality of Girl and Boy

16  x 28 cm

Figur Height:

45 cm

Es wird wieder wachsen

35 x 28 cm


52 cm x 44 cm


100 x 50 cm

Hidden in tree house

43 x 53 cm

Die Jägerin

26 x 20 cm

A flying lion

80 x 60 cm


ca. 35 x 25 cm

Covid 19 (2)

56 x 80 cm


40 x 50 cm

Wild flowers

30 x 30 cm


45 x 35 cm


100 x 90 cm

Artworks already sold

Strong international cooperation is needed now more than ever to ensure that the affected countries have the means to recover from the consequences of the pandemic.

We want to create connections between artists from Indonesia and Upper Bavaria, highlight current problems in our world through art and give opportunities.


Art as a voice. Art helps!