Fritz Güllich

Pirat - a life-size portrait - is carved from a tuja root, giving him a weather-beaten appearance with scars from his wild life. The heavy chains of his headdress show on the one hand the hardship and slavery of his victims and on the other, his own brutality, which leads him into an inner captivity himself.

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  • Fritz Güllich, born 1973 in Munich
  • Architectural internship E. Wiesner, Berlin for Steid-le & Partner/ Behnisch & Partner
  • Studies at the Berlin University of Fine Arts (sculpture with Prof. Biederbick)
  • Traineeship as a locksmith Schmidt-Tesch, Allgäu
  • since 2003 art education
  • since 2007 lecture at the grammar school in Starnberg
  • Exhibitions:
  • 1998 Stage design and poster for "El paseo del Buster Keaton"
  • 1999 Milchhof Berlin "Alois & Paula -a search for traces"
  • 2000 Practice Gertrud von Sauken, Munich
  • 2002 Theron Consulting, Munich
  • 2007 Town Hall, Berg
  • 2018 & 2019 Annual exhibition Kulturverein Berg in Marstall
  • 2020 Studio Days Berg
  • Website: