How can i help?

Support SDG N°1 No Poverty and SDG N°4 Quality Education

  • Monthly basic support for a family for 3-6-12 months: 50 €.
  • Monthly tuition fee of a high school student for 1-3 years: 17 €.
  • Monthly support for a whole family and school fees for a high school student for 1-3 years: 67 €.

Support SDG N°2 Zero Hunger

  • Monthly nutritious food aid package in cooperation with our partner organisations  for people in need and in emergency situation in Bali: 16 €
  • 25 rice snacks for children's creative workshops in migrant villages: €10/ 25 rice snacks

Support SDG N°17 Partnerships for the goals

  • Set up donation box for rainforest protection and Wildlife-Rescue-Centre in Kalimantan with flyer: 0 €
  • School campaign for chanceforchange by students for students: 0 €
  • Here you can find the donation-boxes:
  • Vintageliving Münsing
  • Schlossgaststätte Hohenberg
  • Einfach Glücklich Seeshaupt
  • Röstperle Seeshaupt

Support SDG N°17 Partnerships for the goals

  • Edible organic deodorant cream from our partner Tomorrow Netzwerk exclusively for chanceforchange
  • made from coconut oil, baking soda, starch
  • 100% plastic-free
  • 1 organic deodorant cream = 1 food package: 8 €
  • Pre-order by email to:

Support SDG N°17 Partnerships for the goals

  • With the purchase of a hand-woven ikat scarf from our partner Endek Sekar Jepun in Bali, you support the weavers and the promotion of the ikat craft
  • Colours and patterns depending on supply and demand (see picture collage)
  • 1 Ikat -shawl with fringes, including shipping by private couriers               250 cm x 5 cm (measures without fringes): 60 €
  • Pre-order by email to: with description of pattern and colour
    Long skinny scarf made from ikat fabric leftover with fringes or without fringes. See styling inspiration below on the collages.  Including shipping: 30 €
    250 cm x 5 cm (without fringes)
    Pre-order also by email to Ernst Flügel

All about our time out, how Bali changed us and how we started to help there because of the pandemic, you can now read in Dian A. Flügel's first book.

We look forward to your reviews.

The book is available here:
Mein Jahr auf Planet Bali

20% of the author's commission per book sold goes to sustainable chanceforchange projects. Unfortunatly only in German.

For our current projects, for our future projects and for the change in our hearts, we need supporters, ideas and impulses.


We welcome any kind of support, in any form, in any amount. Everything helps. Every smallest step can mean and change the world for an individual.


For long-term planning and for the implementation of sustainable projects, continuous monthly donations make the most sense. However, sponsorships for families and students are also conceivable, as well as one-time donations for a specific project or for our association.


We guarantee that 100% of every donation will be passed on to the families or into the project. Thank you!


Bank: Ethik Bank

Empfänger: chanceforchange e.V.

IBAN: DE33 8309 4495 0003 4488 27