Loka Suara

Animal Mytology

100 cm x 150 cm

Acrylic on Canvas


Man, was not created as an individual living on earth but lived together with trees and animals. The three of them are destined to be close friends, giving and receiving, not destroying or destroying each other. Humans, beings who have ideep (mind, reason, intellect). This is the advantage of humans because they have to care for and take care of their companions on earth.

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  • Loka Suara - Education : Fine Art Degree in ISI (Indonesian Institute of the Arts) Bali
  • Experiences:
  • 1993 Fine Art exhibition Dies Natalis STSI (Art College) Denpasar
  • 1994 Kamasra exhibition at Sidik Jari Museum Bali
  • 1995 Kamasra Exhibition in Bali Art Festival XVIII at STSI Denpasar
  • Kamasra Exhibition at Classic Painting Museum, Bali Nyoman Gunarsa
  • 1996 93rd Generation of STSI Exhibition in Art Centre Denpasar
  • PEKSIMINAS 3rd Art College Exhibition in Jakarta
  • 1999 Fine Art Exhibition at Galery 9 Ubud, Bali
  • 2000 ASTAMANAH Art Community Exhibition at Art Center Bali
  • 2003 Tiga Rupa Exhibition at 9 Fine Art Galery Ubud, Bali
  • 2013 Rasa Kita De Fronto Art Exhibition Ubud, Bali
  • 2014 The Art Auxion at W Retreat and SPA Bali
  • Insan Kreatif Exhibition at Gedung Merdeka Bali
  • 2015 Beijing International Art Bienale Exhibition, China
  • 2016 Heritage Note Exhibition at Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel
  • Tridute to I Gusti Made De Blog Exhibition at Art Space Denpasar
  • Niti Bumi Exhibition at Bentara Bu
  • Faceook: kaiserloka
  • Instagram:lokaart56