Marie Pierre Weinhold


33 x 35 x 32 cm


Her work could be described as an allusive figuration , eliminating anecdotical and descriptive  elements to come to fluid shapes and simple volumes. The lines are clean and smooth. Sometimes she will oppose raw and granitic masses. It exudes a very emotional strength , sometimes sensual and often touching but always strong. Nothing is unexpected. Everything is designed , re-designed , reviewed again and again , completed with no esthetical compromise.

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  • Marie Pierre WEINHOLD was born in Morlaix (France)
  • In 1961 she left France and lived around the world until 1986
  • She started painting for her pleasure during her stay in Belgium but it was her meeting with Martins CORREIA in Portugal which really started her carreer as a sculptor
  • She has exhibited in many galeries from NYC to Paris her different work on bronze, stone or metal
  • She now lives in southern brittany in France and still works relentlessly on her inspiration