OUR Partner

The initiators from http://tomorrow-netzwerk.de/ distributed protective masks and bags made from old fabrics in exchange for a donation for Bali.


An inspiring, kind example of a local action, beyond the borders, with a proud sum of more than 400 Euros and more incoming donations each month.


We are very grateful that the Tomorrow Network continues to actively support us as a partner organisation.

Selasih is located in Central Bali. The village has 1010 inhabitants, 40 % of the population lives below the poverty line. Selasih is the home village of our anchor organisations https://pkpcommunitycentre.org/.

A centre for traumatised women, children and also men.


The founder, Ibu Sari, tries to reintegrate these people positively into everyday life through her programmes such as catering, sewing, soap production, coconut oil production, training and distribution of healthy food aid packages.

In addition to financial support, we also give food aid packages to families in need in Selasih and in South West Bali with the support of Tom Hufnagel and his company https://cantina-canggu.com/


Always in action an helpful our volunteers Ayu and friends.

Stiev Stoll is a founding member of chanceforchange e.V. , a well trained cook and host of the Schlossgaststätte Hohenberg (3 km outside Seeshaupt).

We look forward to many joint actions for sustainable change in cooperation with the Schlossgaststätte Hohenberg.

Daniela Strathmann regularly organises exhibitions in her concept store in Münsing Vintageliving.


She regularly donates the fee for renting her rooms to chanceforchange.

Soon, the ikat scarves from the Balinese weaving Endek Sekar Jepun will also be available for purchase at her shop.

During the pandemic, we worked with Javanese Ibu Erry and her organisation 'Walk with Erry' to provide food aid to migrant families on the Benoa Peninsula in Bali.

Many of these families committed to working in Bali years ago. Now many have been unemployed for more than two years.

Ibu Erry has been looking after them for a long time and knows many people from these blocks personally.

Meanwhile we are working together on sustainable projects for these Indonesians from other Indonesian islands. For example, a creative workshop for the many children there.

Since August 2022, we have been supporting six selected sustainable, young Balinese enterprises that have completed an incubation programme of the Pratisara Bumi Lestari organisation with start-up capital.

What is special about these enterprises is that they are all founded in their villages of origin, so that the villagers benefit.

In this way, we promote glocal and sustainable entrepreneurship and create jobs that are independent of tourism.

Together with the Indonesian organisation Hutan Masa Depan, Ernst and family travelled to Kalimantan in July 2022 to learn more about Long Sam on the ground.

A project initiated by the German organisation Fans for Nature e.V. in cooperation with Hutan Masa Depan to protect the rainforest in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo.

In addition to sponsoring an orangutan, chanceforchange is currently providing assistance in applying for carbon refunds. In the long term, we support a project manager in order to revive the Dayak culture through products of the indigenous population and to promote economic development there.