SDG 2 - Zero Hunger

This is Ibu Erry, from Java. She has lived in Bali for 12 years. A single mother who was a project manager for construction companies before Covid 19. Since the pandemic, she has been unemployed. Her mission now is to help migrants in Bali.


There are many migrants in Bali from Java, Flores, Madura and Sumba who have come to work to Bali. Migrants receive no assistance from the government and live in poor conditions that are not covid-safe.


Ibu Erry organises food aid packages for migrant centres in the Benoa and Nusa Dua areas. Places that are actually popular tourist centres in Bali but have been neglected for a year now.


People from the surrounding islands often come with their whole family. Many of them have many children and can no longer afford to go back to their home towns.


It is important for Ibu Erry that the food aid packages are made by local traders. She also distributes so-called nasi bungkus, ready-to-eat meals prepared by small local restaurants. In this way, she not only supports the needy families, but also the local people.


This is a good example of supporting SDG 17 Partnerships and SDG 2 No Hunger. Thanks to a generous donation from the company SinnLicht from Karlsruhe, we are helping Ibu Erry for six months starting this month with 250 meals each.


Update March 2022:
Thanks to financial support, we are now able to provide food aid and vitamin C to six migrant blocks a month in Benoa and the surrounding area, in cooperation with local food traders and Letshelpbenoa.  That's 54 packages and 100 vitamin units per month.



In addition to the suported 21 families in the village Selasih in Bali, we now support a total of 129 families in the southwest with food aid packages.

Our focus is on families and people who are not from Bali, as they do not receive support from families and the government. Usually, these packages consist of eggs, instant noodles and rice and baby milk powder if needed.


Our volunteers visit each family personally to get a picture of their living situation and to better decide how we can help most effectively.

Canggu/ Berawa is a wealthy expat area, with unfortunately also many poor places that are now becoming visible.

Together with farmers in Selasih, we also produce healthy food packages and distribute them to people in need. Food aid packages made from organically grown products in Bali, plastic-free, so that several parties benefit: The people in need, the traders and the supplier.


However, this kind of help is not always well received, as most people do not have a fridge to store the fresh products for longer.

We are now distributing noodles, eggs and rice again, in cooperation with our local partner Cantina Canggu.

We see a new opportunity to support the village Selasih and people in need in the production of homemade coconut oil instead of cheap cooking oil. A complex process by hand.

One litre costs 2.50 €. Palm oil costs about half that.


Thanks to the donors, the PKP Community Centre is producing around 50 litre bottles of coconut oil/ month for families in need in the southwest of Bali. Besides Zero Hunger, this is another small step towards SDG N°1 No poverty and SDG N°12 Responsible Consumption and Production.