Susanne Kohler


Treasures of childhood


30 x 40 cm

Photo print matt on forex in frame (e.g. natural oak)

Outer dimensions 35 x 45 cm (edition/ 5)

From the photo series "From the archives of memory".


The photo series shows "treasures of childhood" as still lifes - memories of a childhood in the 30s and 40s. Marbles, playing cards and dice games are motifs of this series.

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  • Susanne Kohler:
  • For me, photography is a way of "resonating" with my surroundings and sharpening my eye for the subtle tones beyond the clichés
  • In English it means "to take a picture", to take something - a give and take begins
  • A special attention arises by turning to the other person, which, apart from exploring the formal design possibilities, is in particular an act of "connecting"
  • Series describe this "process"
  • An idea, attitude or even a "melody" develops and explores the fine line between the private and the public, which is a recurring theme in my photographic work.
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