There are many migrant blocks in Bali. Countless people from Java, Flores, Madura, Sumbawa, etc. who have come to Bali to work, most of them with their families.
On the Benoa peninsula, for example, there are five of these blocks. Before Corona, Benoa was a tourist magnet. Now it is deserted and the migrant families have not had a regular income for about two years.

Recently, together with Ibu Erry from Letshelpbenoa, we visited one of these blocks and talked to the people who live there. When asked what help would be most useful for them, the answer was always the same: Food. When asked what help would be most sustainable for them, the answer was always: jobs to have money for food.

Thanks to the donations and in cooperation with local food providers, we have now been able to support a total of 6 migrant blocks with food aid packages: 1x in Mengwi, 1x in Berawa, 2x in Jimbaran and now 2x in Benoa. We fear that more will follow as long as entry for tourists from abroad is not possible due to the ongoing pandemic.
Therefore, we will increasingly support and make visible the people from the other islands of Indonesia who want to live here and work for Bali. Of course, we have sustainable goals in mind. However, we experience here how sustainability is meaningless for most of the vulnerable people as long as they are concerned with surviving.

We give chances for sustainable change in indonesia and support the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the united nations:

With the 2030 Agenda, all member states of the United Nations have set 17 goals for socially, economically and environmentally sustainable development of the world. For more detailed information click here: Sustainable Development Goals United Nations

A guideline for our further work - to promote and support sustainable development goals together.