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chanceforchange e.V. is a non-profit association in Seeshaupt, initiated in Bali by the founding couple Dian and Ernst Flügel, see picture, in COVID-19 times, with a focus on 'helping people to help themselves' in Indonesia. There and in Germany we work for change and sustainability issues.


Change must start in the West. Dian and Ernst Flügel saw the enormous imbalance in the world during their one-year sabbatical in Bali. It is visible, for example, through the rubbish - everywhere - and tangible through the extreme dependence of many people there on us.

During the pandemic we supported families in need from Bali and migrants who cannot go back to their hometowns between 3 and 12 months. In the beginning, it was mostly emergency aid to pay for the basic needs of daily life, but now the focus is on building the resilience of the families for the current, as well as future crises.


It is time to share.

Stories, experiences, know-how, opportunities, money. Through transparent and individual solutions directly on the ground.


A chance for all of us to learn from each other, across borders.

We are guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. A guideline  for our projects for a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable development of the world. See Home


In particular, we promote exnovative solutions such as traditional handicrafts, organic agriculture, education and the exchange of know-how and partnerships between people, organisations and institutions.

We are currently working in the southwest of the island and in central Bali in the village of Selasih, district of Payangan.

In the southwest, volunteers help us.


In Central Bali, we work on sustainable development goals together with the village Selasih and the non-profit organisation PKP Community Center.


Since March 2022, tourism is slowly but surely returning and we are focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, education, climate protection and sustainable consumption and production.

All seven founding members of chanceforchange e.V. in Seeshaupt/ Bavaria work on a voluntary basis and all administrative costs incurred are covered by the founding members.


These are our founding heroes (from top left to right):

Alexandra Ott

Peter Knoll

Stiev Stoll

Nicole Ebner Smiljani

Axel Dechamps

In the Press

In local newspaper Seeshaupter Dorfzeitung June 2021

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31.05.2021 Süddeutsche Zeitung/ Starnberg

About the organisation, the art helps! project and the book Mein Jahr auf Planet Bali

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12.05.2021 Das Gelbe Blatt, Penzberg

Informations about our art helps! project

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09.05.2021 Weilheimer Tagblatt

A very personal article in the daily newspaper about our time in Bali, how we got involved in charity work there due to the pandemic, how much it changed us and why we are going back to Bali.

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14.05.2020 Süddeutsche Zeitung

How it started in Bali...

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In the local Bali media

All about Bali Five and their support to the protection of the rainforest in Kalimantan.