How you can support?

Here you will find handmade products from Bali, 100% of the proceeds of which go to the artisans and our sustainable projects.

Please understand that most of the products are only available on pre-order and therefore the delivery takes some time. Thank you.

Christmas tree decorations handmade in bali

Due to the successful art-egg sale last Easter, we have developed a collection of Christmas tree balls and stars in cooperation with artists from the village of Blitar in Gianyar/ Central Bali. The baubles and stars are handmade from Albizia wood (Bali), have a hanging eyelet and come with a golden hanging ribbon. Per Christmas ball or star the artists need about 8-12 hours of work. All motifs are hand painted and available now while stocks last.

All proceeds go 100% to the artists and to the rainforest reserve Meroq/ East Kalimantan/ Indonesia supported by chanceforchange.


Motifs and colours:
Barong and Rangda:
The Balinese spiritual classic of good and evil. Available in gold and yellow

Bird Jalak:
The mascot of Bali. Available in pink, yellow and light blue.
Rainforest: Shades of Green, in aid of the Meroq rainforest reserve in East Kalimantan supported by chanceforchange.
Ricefields: In Bali, ricefields are one of the attractions for tourists. Unfortunately, they are increasingly sold and cultivated. Yet the hard work in the fields symbolises exactly the unity of man, animal and nature that is needed.

Prices (including shipping):
Christmas bubble Medium: 17 €
Christmas bubble Small: 11,50 €
Star Medium: 13 €
Star Small: 11 €


Albizia wood from Bali.


Size and weight:
Diameter Christmas bubble Small: approx. 5 cm
Weight Christmas bubble Small: approx. 30 grammes
Diameter Christmas bubble Medium: approx. 7 cm
Weight Christmas bubble Medium: approx. 45 grammes

Diameter star Small: approx. 9 cm
Weight of star Small: 20 grammes
Diameter of star Medium: approx. 12 cm

Weight of star Medium: approx. 35 grammes


Please order by emailing Ernst Flügel with details of quantity, motif, colour, size and delivery address.

moneyholder handmade in bali from old metal

In cooperation with the Balinese start-up Kunangjewelry, we have created a product from recycled scrap metal: A money clip to keep cash in your pocket.
Kunangjewelry has made it its mission to produce jewellery and accessories from waste and sees itself as a bridge to responsible consumption. The team takes great care to focus on the people who make the products.

The scrap metal for the money clip comes from the waste bank communities in Denpasar/ Bali and the bamboo bag is handmade by a couple in a small village in Bangli (Central Bali). Reuse, recycle and revalue as a status symbol. We like that. Available for pre-order now.

All proceeds go 100% to the artisans and to financially support Parahyangan Green Recyle's waste sorting.

Price (including shipping):
17 € including Bamboo bag.

Unpolished scrap metal. Recycled.


Please order with quantity and delivery address by email to Ernst Flügel.

Scarf with iban Dayak Tattoo Design

In collaboration with Indonesian tattoo artist Hendra Herpianto from West Kalimantan, the aim is to bring traditional Iban Dayak tattoo design into local and global awareness and to preserve the remaining tradition of this tattoo culture. We also use this art as a voice to raise awareness about rainforest conservation in East Kalimantan.
Hendra Herpianto chose the Iron Wood/ Iron Flower motif for our collaboration, which symbolises strength and power. Iron Wood is a wood that takes hundreds of years to grow. A motif that only selected Dayak are allowed to have engraved, slowly but surely fading and hardly visible anymore. Available for pre-order now.

All proceeds go 100% to the Meroq/ East Kalimantan/ Indonesia rainforest reserve supported by chanceforchange.

Price (including shipping):
95 €


Synthetic Voile made in Indonesia

Please order by email to Ernst Flügel, stating quantity and delivery address.

Bottle Cap and Magnet handmade in bali


With the purchase of a Barong magnet and/or a bottle cap you support artists from the village and the surrounding area of Mas/ Ubud, Central Bali. Many of them are talented wood carvers, but they already belong to the older generation. Their children, the youth, no longer practise this profession and prefer jobs in the tourism sector, for example. Understandable - but we find their craft worthy of support and fridge magnets and bottle tops always go.

All proceeds go 100% to the artisans and to chanceforchange projects.

The Bali lion is a symbol of strength in Bali. The Barong figure stands for goodness in Bali.

Price Barong Magnet:
5 € including shipping. Available as pictured.

Price Bottle cap lion:
8 € including shipping. Available in white and untreated.

Kayu Sengon from Bali (Albizia wood).


Please send your order with details of quantity, colour and delivery address by email to Ernst Flügel.

Handfan handmade in Bali

With the purchase of a handmade hand fan you support the handicraft talented employees of the handicraft business Wiracana Handfan in Denpasar/ Bali, which has existed since 1987. The hand fan has been fashionable for a long time and is somewhat underestimated despite times of constantly rising temperatures. chanceforchange wants to make it a fashionable item again and at the same time support the craft and the people behind it who have acquired this art.

All proceeds go 100% to the artisans and to chanceforchange projects.


Price of a handmade hand fan:
28 € including shipping.

Motifs and colours:
Available as shown in the gallery above.

Fabric material:
Polyester and silk

Material wood:
Cultivated mahogany (from Indonesia).

Translations of Indonesian sayings:
Puanas Banget=Very hot and Ingin Dingin=Please cold

Pre-order with indication of the text, the colour and the delivery address by email to Ernst Flügel

Egg-Art handmade in bali

... and motivation of the artist I Nyoman Teker and the inhabitants of the village of Blitar/Gianyar to continue practising and teaching this talent. For the new generation is ebbing away. By buying a hand-painted egg, you also give this art the chance to be seen outside Bali. A hand-painted egg usually takes up to 12 hours of work. We are very impressed by the patience, calmness and perseverance of these Balinese artists and by their cultural knowledge.

All proceeds go 100% to the artists and to chanceforchange projects.

Starling Bali:
An endangered bird that lives only in Bali and symbolises Bali's mascot to many locals.

A lion-like creature that symbolises goodness.

In Hindu beliefs, Ganesha symbolises the divine.

Albizia wood from Bali

Price including shipping:
25 €

Pre-order with indication of colour as shown or desired colour, quantity, matt or glossy and delivery address please by email to Ernst Flügel.

Ikat Scarf handmade in bali

By buying a hand-woven ikat scarf you support the weavers of the traditional ikat weaving mill in Denpasar/Bali Endek Sekar Jepun. This profession requires a lot of perseverance, patience, discipline and perfection. In today's instant society, the desire to pursue a traditional ikat weaving education is being lost more and more. This makes it all the more important to show how elaborate the ikat weaving process is (see video below).

All proceeds go 100% to the artisans and to chanceforchange projects.

Ikat (Endek):
Traditional weaving technique in Bali. Ikat=tying.

Price of an Ikat scarf, including shipping:
60 €


190 x 50 cm

Colours and patterns depending on supply and demand (see pictures above).
Pre-order by email and delivery address to Ernst Flügel with description of the pattern and indication of the desired colour.

For our current projects, for our future projects and for the change in our hearts, we need supporters, like-minded people and impulses.


We welcome any kind of support, in any form, in any amount. Everything helps. Every smallest step can initiate a change.

For long-term planning and for the implementation of sustainable projects, continuous monthly donations make the most sense but one-time donations for a specific project or for our association are more than appreciated too.

We guarantee that 100% of every donation is passed on into the project and we can provide a donation receipt for every donation. Thank you!

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