How you can support?

By buying a hand-carved Barong magnet and/or a bottle cap in the shape of a Bali lion (see videos below), you support the villagers in the Mas/ Ubud area, Central Bali. Many of them are talented wood carvers, but they already belong to the older generation. Their children, the youth, no longer practise this profession and prefer jobs in the tourism sector, for example. Understandable - but we find their craft worthy of support and fridge magnets and bottle tops always go. The Bali lion is a symbol of strength in Bali. The Barong figure stands for goodness in Bali.

One magnet: 5 € including shipping. Available as pictured.

Bottle stopper: 8 € including shipping. Available in white and in natural colours.

Wood type: Kayu Sengon from Bali (Albizia wood).

100% of the proceeds go to the craft artists and chanceforchange projects.

Please order by emailing Ernst Flügel with details of quantity and colour.

By buying a handmade hand fan from a traditional hand fan atelier in Denpasar, you are supporting the artisans of Wiracana Handfan. The hand fan has been in fashion for a long time and is now somewhat underestimated despite times of steadily rising temperatures. chanceforchange wants to make it a fashionable item again and at the same time support the craft and the people behind it who have acquired this art.


A handmade hand fan costs: 28€ including shipping. Available as pictured below. Prints and colours flexible to choose.

100% of the proceeds go to the craft artists and chanceforchange projects.

Pre-order by sending an email to Ernst Flügel (please take a screenshot of the selected fan).

Material fabric: polyester and silk

Material wood: cultivated mahogany (from Indonesia)

PS: Translations of the Indonesian prints

Puanas Banget=Very hot and Ingin Dingin=Please cold

Buy a hand-painted approx. 10 cm wooden egg from Gianyar/ Bali including wooden stand for 25 € including shipping and thereby support the sustainable development goal No Poverty. With the proceeds from the sale of an Easter Egg we can pay 2 days wages of a rubbish hero in the rubbish separation plant (PGR).

In the Gianyar area (central Bali) there are still many talented artists. But the new generation is ebbing away. By buying a hand-painted egg, you also give this art a chance to be seen outside Bali and motivate the artists here to continue practising and teaching this talent.

In the short video you can see the Balinese artist I Nyoman Teker. We met him on the beach and discovered his Balinese wooden Easter eggs. Then we visited him and his family in Bitera, Gianyar (Central Bali).

  • Motif on the left: Starling Bali (An endangered bird that lives only in Bali and symbolises Bali's mascot for many locals)
  • Motif in the middle: Barong (A lion-like creature that symbolises goodness)
  • Motif in the right: Ganesha (elephant-man. In Hindu belief Ganesha symbolises the divine)
  • Colours as shown and according to stock
  • Pre-order with details of quantity, motif and desired colour, matt or glossy - please send an email

For your information: A hand-painted egg usually takes up to 12 hours of work. We are very impressed by the patience, calmness and perseverance of these Balinese artists and by their cultural knowledge. We learned a lot about the Starling Bird, Ganesha Bali and Barong

In Bali's tourist hustle and bustle, we are happy to rediscover the real Indonesian qualities through these local artists.

Support rainforest protection in Kalimantan/ Indonesia with the purchase of a Bali-Five artwork at a special price.

Five Balinese artists (Bali Five) have exhibited with us in Bali and have already sold six works of art. 30% of the proceeds go directly to the protection of the rainforest in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo, in cooperation with the Indonesian organisation Hutan Masa Depan and the German association Fans vor Nature e.V..

Bali Five has decided to help further with their art and now regularly exhibits paintings here online at a special price. The artists and their artwork can now be seen in our new virtual gallery below. Just click with the cursor on the artist of your choice. If you are interested, simply email us with details of the artwork and the artist.

We thank I Made Wiradana, I Made Bakti Wiyasa, I Nyoman Loka Suara, Pande Nyoman Alit Wijaya Suta and Ni Wayan Sutariani for this partnership. A nice contribution of Indonesians to climate protection.

Detailed information about the LONG SAM project in Kalimantan to protect the rainforest can be found here.

chanceforchange donation boxes for rainforest protection. Everything helps

  • Set up donation box with flyer: 0 €
  • School campaign for chanceforchange by pupils for pupils: 0 €
  • Locations of the donation boxes:
  • Vintageliving Münsing
  • Schlossgaststätte Hohenberg
  • Simply Happy Seeshaupt
  • Röstperle Seeshaupt

Buy a homemade organic deodorant cream or a hand-painted card from our partner Tomorrow Network and pay the daily wage of a waste sorter in Bali.

  • Organic deodorant cream made from coconut oil, baking soda, cornflour
  • 100% plastic-free
  • 1 organic deodorant cream = 8 €
  • 3 cards = 5 €
  • Pre-order by email via: Tomorrow Network via Tomorrow Netzwerk

When you buy a hand-woven Ikat scarf, you support the craft of Ikat and the promotion of sustainable production.

  • Colours and patterns depending on supply and demand (see picture collage)
  • 1 Ikat -scarf with fringes, 190 cm x 50 cm (measured without fringes), including shipping: 60 €.
  • Pre-order by email to Ernst Flügel with description of pattern and colour




When you buy a hand-woven Long Skinny Scarf, you support the craft of Ikat and the promotion of sustainable consumption.

  • Long Skinny Scarf made from Ikat fabric scraps with or without fringes. See styling inspiration below on the collages.  Including shipping: 30 €.
  • 250 cm x 5 cm (without fringes)
  • Pre-order also by e-mail to Ernst Flügel. Colours and patterns subject to stock.

For our current projects, for our future projects and for the change in our hearts, we need supporters, like-minded people and impulses.


We welcome any kind of support, in any form, in any amount. Everything helps. Every smallest step can initiate a change.

For long-term planning and for the implementation of sustainable projects, continuous monthly donations make the most sense but one-time donations for a specific project or for our association are more than appreciated too.

We guarantee that 100% of every donation is passed on into the project and we can provide a donation receipt for every donation. Thank you!

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Empfänger: chanceforchange e.V.

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