SDG 1 - No Poverty

Poverty is primarily a lack of cash. In addition to the installed pilot projects, we are giving some families / people in need financial COVID-19 support. The amount is individually tailored to the needs of the families / people and amounts in between € 30-90 per month for 3-12 months. This ensures that the families can pay their rent and food.


We support these families, try to integrate them into our programs or promote the so-called backbone of the family.

Cash is important to free your mind for new opportunities. With your help, we can continue to provide immediate aid there in the form of financial COVID-19 support. This ensures that the families can pay their rent and food.

Indonesia is currently still closed to foreign tourists and the economic situation is deteriorating from lockdown to lockdown. We receive more and more inquiries from already poor people who are increasingly in need. We are therefore very grateful that a new and thus third team member from Sumbawa has been helping us since November. Lingga has already visited 32 families in need directly and helps our two loyal volunteer helpers Intan and Ayu every month with the donation and distribution of the food aid packages in the Protestant church in Canggu (southwest of Bali) with Pak Komang.


Update: Since March 2022, we have stopped financial Covid support as tourism in Bali is slowly but surely returning.