SDG 13 - Climate Action

New Project
Universe connected us with orang utan guardian angel Helmut Huber from Aldersbach/ Bavaria, who has been actively involved in the protection of the tropical rainforest in Borneo and its animal species since 1995 with his association Fans for Nature e.V.

Among other numerous projects, his association has been supporting COP Centre of orang utan protection with an orang utan sponsorship programme. The sponsorship benefits orang utans and all other animals in the sanctuaries and helps in the fight to preserve their habitats.

On behalf of chanceforchange e.V., our kids have chosen Popi as their sponsored orang utan child.
Popi is a female about 4 years old, currently at the rainforest school in Merasa, a village in Kalimantan/ Indonesia, very active and full of life.

After the three-year rainforest school, Popi's next stop is the 'University Island' near the village, where she can put her learned skills into practice in a protected environment.
After that, she will be taken to a protected rainforest, far from poachers, and hopefully be able to live a normal life in freedom with other conspecifics.

Thank you to our supporters who make this sponsorship possible and thus make a small contribution to climate protection.