SDG 14 - Life below water

New project since May 2022:
Supporting the sustainable development goal 'Life under Water' is not that easy, as we learned from the German organisation Coral.Cousins, who are actively working on coral restoration in Nusa Penida (Bali) and which we already support.

Besides the complex installation, the aftercare is now essential.
Coral.Cousins are now working with the local community Nuansapulau_official.

Here are just a few to-dos that need to be done regularly:

Check cable ties, retighten and replace if necessary.
Replace dead corals
Remove algae growth manually
Dig out sediment that is too close to the corals
Collect and relocate snails
Monitor and adjust the height of the coral fence
Document and report health status for further planning steps

Thanks to continuous donations we are able to support the care by the Indonesian Nuansa Community and German organisation coral.cousins for six months and the corals are already showing growth.