SDG 17 - Partnerships for the goals

It seems that here in the southwest of Bali, in Canggu, we are enjoying the golden times after the pandemic. Everyone is busy doing whatever. Money is being made and money is being spent. People are beautiful, wealthy, successful, happy and love themselves the most. Don't get us wrong, self-care is important ...
But then we get the regular report from Ibu Sari, founder of the PKP Community Centre in Selasih, which we have been supporting monthly since 2021.
In recent months, two artists from Kalimantan and Jakarta and an architect and designer from Jakarta were stranded there, suddenly living on the streets due to the pandemic measures. From very successful to zero.
At the PKP Community Centre, thanks to your help, they were given a clean and safe room, food and gradually their tasks according to their will, talent and possibilities.

We think it is important to share the stories of Ibu Sari because they remind us that Bali is much more than Canggu, that Indonesia is much more than Bali and that the key to humanity is kindness, especially in "golden times".


Besides, it is important to have partners. Because the PKP Community Centre is also dependent on donations. Our monthly support relieves the community a lot so that they can concentrate more on their various social business activities (sewing, catering, shop).

By your support, Ibu Saris is able to give needy people a job, a task, so to speak, so that they can learn step by step to stand on their own two feet again.

Ibu Ni Putu Indianingsih
Her nickname and better known as Ibu Chicken is a very good cook and runs the PKP Community Centre's in-house catering. We have enjoyed the delicious food of the PKP CC ladies a few times. An authentic Bali menu lovingly and freshly prepared for the heart and the eye.
Ibu Chicken was born in Sulawesi/Indonesia and has been in Bali since she was three years old. Her parents have already died and she has no contact with her siblings.
PKP CC is her new family.

Ibu Ay. Dwianna Al Hakim
Her Christian name is Ibu Ari. She came to the PKP Community Centre 2 years ago because she had to separate from her husband due to domestic violence. She accepted to leave her children and family in Jakarta. Ibu Ari writes award-winning books, she teaches the children in the village of Selasih and organises the sewing workshop and the sales shop for them. A multi-talented woman of Muslim faith in Hindu Bali.
In the meantime, she is back in touch with her family, and her family knows that she is doing well at PKP CC.

Ibu Ni Made Puspawati
Her call name is Ibu Dia. She is a Balinese woman directly from the village of Selasih. She has two children whom she takes care of alone. Her relationship with her husband from the village is unhealthy and has had an impact on her mental and physical health. She has been working in a resort, but quit as she prefers to be near her children. The PKP CC right in her neighbourhood gives her the opportunity to learn new things, thus becoming more confident. Ibu Dia is responsible for the sale of handmade products, cooks for catering orders and likes to dance.