SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-being

We support three mothers and their children with Special-Gift at Sari Hati School in Central Bali. Sari Hati is an institution for children with special needs such as autism, Downs Syndrome and ADHD. It is also an employer for mothers whose children are cared for at the facility. The families are very poor and have hardly any chance in society as well as in the labour market.
At Sari Hati School, parents can accompany their children and earn money by helping in the kitchen, cleaning, supervising or teaching according to their needs, talent and will.

Unfortunately, during the pandemic, two of the three sponsors dropped out due to financial problems, so the school is now struggling to pay the mothers' salaries.
Menti, the head of the Sari Hati School (bottom right of the picture on the right), has her own tragic past. The Sari Hati School is already her family.

There are 38 children on site from Monday to Friday. Occasionally, joint activities are organised on weekends and another 12 children are regularly visited at home. The Sari Hati School has 13 children on its waiting list. Therefore, every additional donation is very helpful.

Only selected Special Gift children and their families are supported by the government and they are unfortunately still a taboo subject for many people in society here.

We support Ibu Wayan with her husband and youngest son Komang. She lives in the accommodation of the PKP Community Centre, which chanceforchange also supports.


Ibu Wayan had six children in total. Five have already passed away. Komang is now her only child. Komang hardly speaks, but has an extreme urge to move.

Komang is now making great progress, is becoming more open and has taken on small daily tasks. See photo on the right.

Thanks to our regular donors, we can also support Ibu Ayu's salary. She has two children. A younger daughter and her 18-year-old son Panci, who is autistic.

Panci and his mother have been at Sari Hati School since 2011. This is a blessing for the mother, as her husband cannot work due to paralysis.
Ibu Ayu has completed a course in language education and teaches the children at Sari Hati School how to speak. She is a blessing for the school and Panci now speaks a lot at school.

Thanks to the sale of the Nyoman Art eggs and new donations, we are able to financially support the salary of another mother and her child.

Ibu Tini is a single mother with two sons. She has been a teacher at Sari Hati School for 10 years and her son Mana with Downs Syndrome is also taught there. For Ibu Tini, this is a clear win-win situation, because she can not only earn money there, but also take care of her son.