SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-Being

There is enough water in Bali, but not clean water. Therefore, families are forced to buy water gallons for their daily needs. A water filter from Nazava costs 18 euros and lasts 3 years or 7000 ltr of water for a family of 4. After that, the ceramic filter has to be replaced, which costs about 7 €. Tap water, rainwater and well water can be filtered.


These are very high savings in daily living costs. Compared to the usual water gallons, it is about 150 euros direct saving per year, which is roughly equivalent to one month's salary of an educated Indonesian.

Thus, the water filter also supports SDG N°1 No Poverty at the same time.


The Nazava filters are suitable for filtering tap, rain and well water. This eliminates the need for gallon transport. Plastic bottles are avoided. The Nazava water filters are manufactured on Java/ Indonesia. With this, we support another SDG: N°12 Responible Consumption and Production. 


We have currently distributed 15 water filters in public places in Selasih. In addition, we organised a workshop for about 20 people. Nazava Indonesia explained how to use the water filters and showed the advantages. 


However, we currently do not need water filters for the families, as these are unfortunately not accepted at the moment. Change takes time and further education.

This is also an experience we made in the past months: Not everything we think is good is good for everyone and feedback is important to us. Education first.