SDG 4 - Quality Education

In times of crisis, many people in need in Bali can no longer pay the school fees for their children. Unimaginable for us here in Germany, where school education comes first.


To be able to continue paying the school fees for these motivated young people, see picture, from the village Selasih, makes us happy.


We are very grateful that we can continue to pay the school fees for these and other students with your money. It is about 10/17 € per month, depending on the exchange rate and the school.

We have 6 high school students and 6 secondary school students in Selasih who need 3 years of financial support. The cost, according to the current exchange rate, is 205 Euro/ year for the high school students and 117 Euro/ year for the secondary school students.


The total cost for 3 years for all 12 students is 5,796 Euros. The cost includes registration, exam fees, all school fees and uniforms.

We are giving 5 selected young people from the village of Selasih new opportunities through a leadership programme. At first glance, it seemed far too academic.


But the inspiring coach Aaron Mashano from Zambia from the startup LOT 360° convinced us and assured us that the training will be adapted to the level and needs of the 5 future leaders.


Moreover, we are in direct contact with the 5 selected young people from Selasih via WhatsApp and they are touchingly motivated and grateful for this opportunity to develop themselves further.

The programme is now being implemented for 3 months on a trial basis. Depending on its success, it will be decided whether to continue for another 6 months.

This is a great opportunity for sustainable change not only for the 5 leaders but also for the PKP Community Centre, the village of Selasih and the start-up LOT 360°.

We are excited and thank a generous supporter who makes this opportunity possible.