SDG 5 - Gender Equality

Thanks to the supports, it is possible for these young men in the picture to develop themselves further, to continue learning, to share this knowledge and to earn money.

Women are very busy in Hindu-influenced Bali. They often have to prepare ceremonies, are mothers at the same time, work and therefore sometimes the men have to step in.


Our partner organisation PKP Community Center in Selasih/ Bali has therefore declared the smartest and most willing men from the village simple sewing jobs, so that they can help when the women have no time and the work assignments have to be done.

In addition, with the help of a generous donation from supporters of our association, they have transformed a simple existing room into a small sewing centre. The floor is made of old tiles. Resource-saving.


Besides SDG N°5, this is an example of a support for two other sustainable development goals of the United Nations:


SDG N°12 Responsible Consumption and Production and SDG N°1 No poverty

Update September 2022:

Unfortunately, the PKP Community Centre does not belong to the founder Ibu Sari and a family member is demanding his property back. The PKP Community Centre thus has an uncertain future and is trying to make ends meet by renting garages for sewing and selling products. In days like these, it is difficult to initiate fundraising for land purchase and building construction. The community of Ibu Sari, however, does not let it get them down and continues to improvise. In the meantime, men from Yogyakarta have also joined her, and they turn out to be excellent tailors.

chanceforchange continues to support Ibu Sari and community regularly with monthly financial support.

New project: In August 2022, we supported the blind community of the Teratai Foundation in Bali.

Artists who have lost their sight and only paint from memory. They were only helped to choose the colours.

Didon Kajeng, an artist who was also a florist, passed away last year. This exhibition is dedicated to him. He was also blind and founded the Teratai Foundation to make blind people in Bali visible and motivate them to come out of the shadows.
There is no reason to hide.

It is especially nice to see how healthy women take care of the blind men and motivate and support them in their dreams. Gender equality and diversity in action.