Adrian Nocelentano

The object was part by "Blonde" photo series. It´s inspired by the surreal representation of planet earth.

80 cm x 120 cm

Processed between 4mm Dibond® aluminum and 4mm acrylic


Every piece comes with a custom hanging device to simplify the mounting process.

Each artwork is made in a limited edition run of 10 pieces each.


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  • Adrian NoCelentano is a freelance photographer based in Munich, Germany working within both analog and digital mediums
  • Adrian has shot campaigns for some of European’s top retailers, alongside a myriad of notable commercial and editorial projects
  • Early influences of 90’s hip hop and RnB permeate Adrian’s gaze, as an evolved and dynamic aestheticism leads him to explore the ever-changing visual realms of music, fashion and street culture
  • Inspired by the rawness and unexpected intimacy of life in its most brutal and tangible forms, Adrian seeks to view the world within a relatable, yet adaptable viewpoint, while never steering far from an innate sense of provocation
  • Instagram: nocelentano