Anja Shahinnya

Handstitched Sea of Blossoms (SOLD)

70 x 100 cm

More than 90 dried, drawn and constructed blossoms united in one work of art

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Klicken zum Vergrößern

  • Shirin Sha needs no more than a white sheet of paper to beam us into another world
  • Anyone who has underestimated the beauty and ingenuity of paper will be proven wrong by the artist Anja Shahinniya aka Shirin Sha
  • Paper is - at least when it has slipped through the German's gluttonous precision scissors - for dreams come true, for dreams made of art.
  • The Munich-based artist conjures up entire spring landscapes, miniature cities or mythical creatures that are elfinly fine and detailed down to the smallest detail.
  • A 275 grammes of embossed white paper - that is the artist's favourite material
  • Instagram: Shirin Sha