Carmen Apfel


80 x 120 cm

Oil on Canvas


Water and Air - Ocean and Storm. The play of two elements, sometimes in flowing coexistence and then in thunderous battle. Archaic, alive, in constant change. Wild and irrepressible in constant movement captured on canvas.
These oil paintings are alive. And they radiate that - on every millimetre. Even between canvas and paint, the struggle and also the 'flow' of the two elements can be seen and felt.
In the conscious renunciation of figurative and naturalistic representation, one never gets fed up, because the viewer is also in a different frame of mind every new day and discovers the depth of the paintings anew every day.

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  • Carmen Apfel Artist and Shaman from Münsing/ Bavaria
  • Fascinated by rhythm, waves, water & clouds, I have started painting again after a long break
  • The challenge is to bring the elements of water and air with their archaic power onto a canvas with brush and paint, without creating a rigid image
  • I feel their power and dynamics when I paint and release them from my subconscious
  • I love the freedom of impressionism and the analytical synthesis of cubism
  • I am self-taught, but have drawn on various sources of technical skills throughout my painting career
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