I Made Bakti Wiyasa

The duality of girl and boy

Watercolour on paper 16 cm x 28 cm


Concept: the presence of the meaning of fertility in this life of two people who are drawn to each other like embers and fire, always connected, as if night cannot be separated from day, girls cannot be separated from boys, darkness comes from the presence of light. This duality draws me to experience the realities of this unique and beautiful life.


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  • I Bakti Wiyasa is from Pemanis, Penebel, Tabanan, Bali
  • Recipient of the Lempad Price Award 2016 from Sanggar Dewata Indonesia for his commitment to arts and culture
  • Presented by Mr Nyoman Gunarsa at the Nyoman Gunarsa Klungkung Museum
  • He conducted art research and wrote the history of the Indonesian Dewata Club in 2005 (unpublished). The art book with the late Professor Ngurah Bagus entitled "Narasi Sanggar Dewata Indonesia"
  • Medal from Sri Sin Moy United Stied India 2004
  • Invited as a speaker in various art discussions such as Yogyakarta IX Biennale, Contributions, 2003 at Solo UNS Campus, Bentara Budaya Bali, Arma Museum
  • His paintings have often won awards, such as:
  • First Winner Body Painting Nusa Dua Fiesta Festivale 2012, Bali
  • Finalist for the Jakarta Art Award 2008
  • Finalist for the Indofood Art Award 2003
  • Some of his work has been featured on the cover of Pantau magazine and in a collection of short stories from the daily newspaper Kompass, selection 2008, SMOKOL.
  • Instagram: baktiwiyasa