Mangku Muriati

Covid-19 (2)

80 cm x 56 cm

Canvas,  Balinese Color

Created in 2020

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  • Mangku Muriati, born in Kamasan
  • educated with a Bachelor Degree
  • Experience:
  • Started her career as a painter in 2000 and is still active and often participates in duet and joint exhibitions in Bali and outside Bali
  • 2002 at Bentara Budaya Jakarta
  • 2009 at The Mansion Wood Carving Sayan Ubud
  • 2012 the exhibition with the Seniwati group in Denpasar
  • 2015 at Sudakara / Sudamala Suites & Villas Sanur,
  • 2017 at Titian Art Space Bali
  • 2019 at Art Bali Nusa Dua, the Mega Rupa Exhibition in Ubud, a joint exhibition with Balinese Women Artists
  • 2020 participating in a competition at UOB World Painting
  • Awards that has been recieved:
  • 2009 from the Jakarta Arts Institute
  • 2013 from ISI Denpasar, Bali