Sanna Myrttinen

Little Miss Anahata (or Embracing Love)


30 x 30 cm

Acrylic and paper (Buddhist prayer papers and prints with ancient kimono motifs) on canvas.


The work is part of my "Chakra Series".

Chakra is a term from Sankskrit and means wheel/circle of light. According to this Indian teaching, every human being has seven central energy centres/chakras that influence our well-being and inner harmony. Each of these chakras also symbolises a life theme such as love, truth and self-confidence.


The idea of this series was to create seven small energy sources that radiate the positive power and energy of the individual chakras with their colours and message. 

The Anahata Chakra is the heart chakra.

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  • Sanna Myrttinen has been a freelance artist in the field of painting since 2002. In between she also likes to work with mosaic and ink and leads workshops in painting, drawing and mosaic
  • After completing a master's degree in art education in Sweden, the Finnish-born artist has been living and working in the Munich area since 2007
  • Exhibitions to date: Perugia, Lucca, Shanghai, Basel, Rome, Miami, Las Vegas, Singapore, London, Stockholm, Helsinki, Cologne, Berlin and New York
  • Myrttinen's works can be divided into two main thematic areas:
  • meditative works characterised by a longing for silence and grounding
  • and playful, colourful mixed media works that emphasise our cultural diversity and togetherness
  • Whether dreamy, blurred landscapes or simplified forms with a lot of symbolism and strong colour accents, they all show an expressive power that is Asian-influenced and yet anchored in our own cultural circle
  • Facebook: sannamyrttinenart