SDG 12 - Sustainable Consumption and Production

Travelearn Indonesia is a young startup that aims to bring tourists closer to Bali by Doing. They organise tours and workshops to the locals who produce something unique made in Bali, or teach or provide a special service. They want to give the locals a chance to increase their clientele and introduce the tourists to the valuable culture of Bali. The whole thing doesn't take place in a fancy studio in Canggu, but right at home with the locals for a real Bali experience.
We know Travelearn Indonesia from the startup incubator Inkuri, which we also supported last year. In the programme, Travelearn prevailed out of over 100 participants and was one of the 12 finalists.
Their will and seriousness as young people to fight for the preservation of Bali's traditional culture is very impressive. They also have the ambition to make an all-round sustainable impact: For every booking, a mangrove tree is planted and from the proceeds per tour/course, a part goes to the local partners. Still, it is not an easy business these days.

chanceforchange gives Travelearn the opportunity to grow faster by paying the salary of a sales manager for one year. 3 million Rp.=185 €/ month.

We met them in June 2023 for an update.
They now have 12 partners (hotels, agencies, villas, restaurants).

Their clients are mainly from Germany, Japan and America.
It turned out that a paid interview in a magazine from Bali could attract new customers.
Furthermore, selected offline markets are still a good way to get new customers.
Same as partnerships with communities, with similar target group, who want to experience the real Bali and promote
Bali and want to promote sustainable tourism, as well as educational tours proved to be particularly effective.

We are excited to see how Travelearn develops and will continue to pay Tini's salary until November 2023.

We are happy about the cooperation since 2022 with the ikat weavers of Endek Sekar Jepun in Denpasar.

Every ikat shawl supports Endek Sekar Jepun and its weavers, as well as promoting the training of weavers. In the long run, we hope to create new jobs independent of tourism.

An Ikat scarf made of 100% cotton costs 60 € including shipping and can be ordered in advance by e-mail: Ernst Flügel
Colour and pattern depend on supply and demand. Each scarf is a unique handcrafted piece. More info in the video below and here