Victoria Mateo

Call me Badass #2

High quality A3 print on semi glossy
Paper (340 gr) as a series of 3 prints by Victoria Mateo.
Without frame

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  • Victoria Mateo is a painter who expresses feminine sensuality, the need for freedom and the transcendent powers that every human being possesses to change their lives
  • At a young age, she fights against all forms of discrimination and begins to discover her artistic potential through singing, theatre and dance in several musicals and a cabaret in France. Her activism becomes her first vocation:
  • She works in socio-cultural institutions to support young people in their development and social integration and to break the shackles of patriarchy
  • She pursues her dreams in Canada and becomes a make-up artist for Chanel - icon of French feminine sophistication - helping women reveal their natural beauty and even working for fashion runways and music videos
  • She passes on her knowledge and passion in a make-up academy before taking over as head of the beauty department of North America's largest artistic semi-nude photography company
  • Her strong desire to explore and discover the world in a new way brought her to Bali. This time it's painting, sharing her personal journey as a hyper-sensitive woman passionate about growth and self-discovery
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